November 1

5 Things About Batam That Will Excite You

When you hear about Batam what you have on mind? Well-known third busiest entry port, after Bali and Jakarta, such an image like the island is meant for business, there must be there on your mind. Nevertheless, Batam is a note worthy destination for spending your leisure time. Easy accommodation, as there are many Batam Indonesia Hotels to book, therefore you have no problem when taking your free time to the island. Not to mention, you can choose one that you caters proximity to the most visited tourist attractions. So, what is so special about Batam?

First, the natural beauty of Batam with its tranquility, this one can be your great escape from the hustle of bustle of place where you stay. Do you know that Batam is most favorite travel destination from busy city or country around it. Take example Singapore, the people there who want to take a break from the hectic of the small country, they will consider Batam on their free time, and in fact that they need only one hour by ferry to arrive to the Island, Batam is their perfect oasis. Second, go shopping in the island is not that expensive. Sometimes you probably need to pay more, nevertheless, in most cases, the price is very reasonably.

Third, there is Abang island that located about 50 km in the south of Batam. You have to use two different boats to reach the island even so you will not regret it. Beautiful coral reefs and another mesmeric underwater creatures, you can’t wait to jump to the water for snorkeling. The water is pretty shallow, thus you can enjoy swimming with ease. Fourth, there is blue coral that is rare to find elsewhere. Do you know the reason why blue coral is easy to spot there? It’s because the environment is very supporting.

The water is crystal clear, moreover the people who stay in the island understand the importance of protecting the sea environment from damage. Fifth, the surface is no less beauty. Healthy mangrove forest with the combination of granite rock, it makes you lost the track of time. Serious travelers who decide spending their vacation in Batam, you can reach the beautiful island by plane especially for travelers who are coming from Bandung, Medan, Pekanbaru and other far places. Else, you can go there by ferry, in case that you are staying somewhere near from the island.

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