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A Review of How the Song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ Started

When it comes to sport games and mostly football, you will find that there are so many ways in which the fans can make sure that they are cheering up their team players so that they can register big wins. The most interesting thing when it comes to football as a sport is that they are many clubs and each one of them will want to invent a unique way of cheering their players and their team as a whole. For example, you will realize it was the Tottenham Spurs football club that initiated the song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ then later the other clubs also modified the song to suit their teams. You may be wondering where this song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ originate from did, you need to read this page and get the history behind it as it has been well explained.

There was a civil war in America and here is where the song originated from. This was a song that was used in the battle and at one time, the song was published on the 1862 February Atlantic which was being published every month. It was the work of an activist who was against slavery and was known by the name Julia Ward Howe. Julia Ward Howe was paid only four dollars for composing the song though it was in a poem form. The roots of this song are not just based on Julia Ward Howe, they go further. In the year 1956, there was this man called William Steffe who established the tune of the song that was sung by Julia Ward Howe.

As opposed to what the song is used for today when Julia Ward Howe first composed it to help people glorify the coming of the lord. Apart from the poem having used languages that are martial, you will realize that it had an outstanding verse and that was ‘glory glory hallelujah’. The song that is used today in football clubs before and after matches if very different from the song that was there at first. There are no overtones that are religious in the today’s song that was originated by Julia Ward Howe.

The Wolves team wanted to record their win against Spurs for the second time, but this did not happen, here is where the song ‘Glory-Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ was first used and it was back then in the year 1960. This did not happen long after this particular team had been ranked the best in the AF cup. The song was in jest when it was used by the Spurs before it was adopted by other football clubs like the famous Manchester United.

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