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The Beauty of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Imaginations would lead to a log cabin style dcor and dark paneled walls, or copper pans hanging from a pot rack, and so on when you hear the term rustic. On the other hand, doing rustic can actually be done in various ways with a very important factor in mind, and that is to create an atmosphere that all members of the family would love to spend time in. Here we will show you some of the many ways that a rustic ambiance can be created in your kitchen, considering that most of us would love to spend time in this part of our house.

By leaning toward all things natural, you can create a rustic ambiance. Basically, starting a rustic look in your kitchen would include your cabinets to be in line with the style that you have in mind. You can have new cabinets by looking at natural wood discount kitchen cabinets to save some expenses.

Traditional and country style homes have that old fashioned and cozy appearance, and rustic kitchen cabinets would come very classy and stylish in this ambiance. We would like to give you some pointers, as you choose and design your rustic cabinets, to make sure that they will remain clean, functional and long lasting.

One type of wood that is great to work with when you build rustic kitchen cabinets is alder. This wood is a soft type, with straight grain and fine texture that is light colored brown with some hints of red and yellow. Unlike other kinds of hardwood, alder does not easily change in color and would take years for it to change when exposed to light.

The next great hardwood to work with when you build your rustic kitchen cabinets is cherry. This type of wood has colors that range from off white to red to brown, depending if sapwood or heartwood is used. The difference between heartwood and sapwood is that heartwood easily darkens when exposed to light over time, and sapwood is usually more prominent if you want to have a combination of hues.

One of the strongest type of hardwood to work with is hickory because of its unique grain patterns that stand out. The color palette of this wood is very versatile and having true knots on its grain, thus giving you a natural, polished and beautiful look for your rustic kitchen cabinets.

Other great hardwoods come in red oak and maple, that have visible grains and knots, thus creating a very durable and versatile look for your rustic kitchen cabinets. If you choose a very old fashioned fee of your rustic kitchen cabinets, you can effectively have this effect by simply leaving these woods in their natural state without any paint, or you add vintage stains on it.

If You Think You Get Wholesale, Then Read This

If You Think You Get Wholesale, Then Read This

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