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A Guide on the Confederate Flag and What You Need to Know

There is quite a big percentage of Americans that are very proud of the Confederate flag and they see it as one of the biggest symbols. Many people do not know much more about the Confederate flag apart from the fact that it is used in a number of states. The information in this article, therefore, is going to help you to understand more about the Confederate flag and give you some of the histories about it. The Confederacy flag was used in 1861 and this is because of a lot of history that happened around this. There was a committee that was specifically formed for this and that is the reason why it became very popular. There are people who of the view that the flag is not supposed to be anything close to the American flag while others were of the view that it’s supposed to be a mirror of the same. You’ll realize that a lot of designs were created for the Confederate flag because of the many ideas that came up. It was after these years and after a lot of design work has been properly deliberated that the flag was first used.

There are a number of very unique things that you may need to understand about the flag and therefore, it’s important for you to be very keen. Because of the popularity of the Confederacy, you’ll realize that the flag became very popular and although it is no longer very much used today, it is available for sale people are interested in the same. Getting the flag is not necessarily very difficult because it is available from a number of companies today. The state of Mississippi is today continuing to use the flag although in the beginning, there are quite a number of states that were associated with these. Some of the examples of the states that used the Confederate flag include South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia and many others. The original design of the flag was X and this is simply and this is a major factor of distinction. You cannot be able to deface the flag today especially because there are a number of laws that are still protecting it.

The Confederate flag is still part of the state flag in Mississippi and this is very different from any of the other states. Another reason why the Confederate flag was very important is because it represented the resistance to the federal government that was being created. The major reason why the Confederate flag is widely accepted is because it is not seen as a symbol of racism.

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