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Reasons to Visit Munich

Munich is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is imperative to point out that this city is famed for the Oktoberfest beer festival. You will however realize that Munich will guarantee you a lot more. It has a history that spans over hundreds of years. It also features great green space for the outdoor lovers. It comes with a good number of prominent attractions. Keep on reading so as to find out more about these great attractions. The following are some of the top reasons why it will be valuable for you to visit Munich.

The Rathaus-Glockenspiel is certainly worth visiting. You will realize that this is a place that you will have to visit whenever you are in Munich’s central square before noon. so many people have found it appropriate to visit this place over the years. This is one such giant clock that is relied on for the re-enacting of the stories of the Bavarian history. You will also be free to opt for surfing on the Eisbach. You will note that this is the only city where you will easily surf on man-made rivers. You will witness that there has been an increase in the number of people that find these rivers appealing. Feel free to go to the Deutsches museum too. It is the most ideal for technology nerds. You will note that this is the largest museum that pays homage to technical and scientific knowledge.

You will also note that there is the Neuschwanstein castle. This is one fortress that you will certainly appreciate visiting. You will get it in the outskirts of the city. Keep in mind that close to 6000 tourists come to this castle each summer. Then comes the autobahn as well. It is famed for being the fastest highway. It is recommended for you to be conversant with international driving before you drive on this highway. You will also realize that we have the Hofbrahaus that is the most famous beer hall. You will note that it is characterized by live entertainment as well as German food. You will also be free to visit the BMW museum. It is at this point that you will easily marvel at the vintage bikes as well as automobiles. Having access to the plant will definitely expose you to the various stages of car assembly.

You can also choose to go to the Christkindlmarkt. This is the most reputable Christmas market in Munich. You will be exposed to many handmade products and even Santa. Do not forget about the Oktoberfest. You will have nonstop food and beer.

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