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A Guide to Choosing Fingerprint Services

A lot of organizations now realize the significance of having their employees fingerprinted. They want to recruit people with a clean background. All civil servants or government employees, medical practitioners, teachers, lawyers, or security guards, to mention a few, ought to present proof of their integrity as well as credibility before they are employed. This proof is referred to as a criminal history background report. Workers and staff members can be fingerprinted by the FBI or police agencies.

However, because these bureaus are usually too busy to handle a significant number of people who should be fingerprinted, some private entities have been allowed to offer such services to create convenience. You are likely to find a contracted fingerprinting company online, with the click of a button that can guide you in the ideal path to all your fingerprinting needs. With a lot of fingerprint companies out there, how then do you distinguish the best provider from the rest? In the piece, we will go through a few aspects that you ought to take into perspective when searching for quality fingerprint services.

First thing first, on the question of hiring fingerprinting services, it is critical that you pay attention to the accreditation of the company to ensure that they are accredited and authorized to provide fingerprinting services. While regulations regarding fingerprinting services vary, a majority of companies have been contracted by government agencies. If you are in the US, it is either by the FBI or State Identification Bureau. As such, you will want to visit the companies and verify if they have displayed their accreditation or business licenses.

The fingerprinting techniques the company utilizes also matter a lot when hiring fingerprint services. At the moment, the two prevalent methods used are the electronic method, also called the live scan method, and the other is the ink fingerprinting technique. The technique to be employed will, to a large extent, depend on the requirements of your agency or state. For example, some jurisdictions will require to give fingerprints through the traditional ink fingerprinting technique if you are seeking a Nursing Permit. This may be because the electronic service is not accessible, and it would restrict you from submitting your prints through the method. As a result, it is of paramount significance that you check the type of fingerprints that will be needed by your country, state, or agency as it will assist you in identifying companies that will offer the fingerprint services through the ideal process as per the requirement of your state or agency.

Preferably, you should partner with a fingerprinting firm that will safeguard the data because your fingerprints are critical documents. As such, check the provider’s privacy agency as well as their fingerprint storage mechanisms and methods. Inquire whether they store fingerprint databases on file or whether they will erase all the data as soon as they are processed completely, following standard practice. Because of the sensitivity of such documents, ensure they delete the fingerprints and not keep them once the processes are concluded. They should also offer a guarantee that your fingerprints are safe and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.

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